The Ultimate Guide to Google SERP Checker

Google’s SERP checker is one of the most powerful free tools that Google offers. It allows you to see how your web pages appear in search results, which can be used as a tool for on-page optimization and monitoring. In this post, we will go over what exactly it does, why it is so important to SEO professionals, and some tips on using it effectively.

So what is Google’s SERP checker?

It can be summarized in three words: a free, powerful tool that allows knowing how a web page appears in search results. Sure the paid tools offer more features and insights, but they are also pricey -some costing as much as $500 a month.

What does google SERP checker do?

The SERP Checker allows you to plug your website URL into it or input keywords (to see how well competitive pages rank) for FREE and get an idea of where your site appears on the first page of search results.

Serps use crawlers to crawl a site, which means that their index includes webpages that were not linked from any other website in addition to those that were connected by hyperlinks. This translates into ensuring all content has been crawled and indexed without missing anything important.

Why is Google’s SERP Checker Important to SEO Professionals?

It should be obvious that search engine optimization (SEO) professionals want their webpages to rank on the first page of SERPS, so it only makes sense for them to use a free tool that tells them where they’re at. 

The SERP checker lets you know if your page has been updated or crawled by showing where in the list your site appears when searched with its latest index data. This way, you’ll know how soon people will see information from your newest update and can calculate whether or not it was worth publishing.

The SERP Checker also shows what keywords are ranking for. This is helpful because an individual knows what terms are most likely to be used when people search for their website. These terms are then plugged into a Google AdWords campaign.

Tips on how to use it effectively

– Use the tool in conjunction with other tools like SEMrush or SEOQuake and use it as an on-page optimization tool. You can see what keywords your competitors rank for, how well they’re doing against you, and where their weaknesses are, so you know what areas of content need work before ranking them higher than your competitor’s site. 

In addition, it is recommended to use this free Google SERP Checker Zutrix to help improve rankings by finding opportunities within your web pages that will make SERPS more attractive (i.e., optimizing meta tags) so it ranks better over time.

– Use it as an off-page optimization tool by using the information provided to you about keywords that are ranking for your site and plugging them into a Google AdWords campaign.

– Use the SERP checker’s insights when doing A/B testing with PPC ads, banner ads, or other types of paid advertising campaigns (Facebook Ads) to see which of the two are doing better.

– Use it to monitor your competitor’s sites and how well they’re ranking for keywords that you want to get an idea of what strategy is best for achieving higher rankings

– Use it to see how many backlinks your competitor has and where they rank for keywords you want.

– Use it to find new content opportunities- for instance, if your site is ranking on the first page of SERPS but that’s because you’re #15 out of 16 locations with a particular keyword – try adding more content related to those keywords and see what happens

– Use it to find out how your site ranks for keywords you don’t want- and if there are any opportunities on those pages that could be capitalized upon.

– Use the SERP checker to find pages that are ranking well so that you can add them as links back to other content on your website. Just because they’re ranked highly doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities or ways in which those pages could be improved and, therefore, rank higher over time.

– Use the SERP checker to find pages that are ranking poorly so you can create links away from those pages and boost your overall rankings.

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