A 34-year-old man from Southend has been telling our Chief Reporter about how he has lost his job after he asked a tattooist for ‘that guy from The Jam’ and it ended in disaster – his leg now has an image of the racially controversial Golliwog from Robinson’s Jam instead of his music idol Paul Weller. 

Paul Inkin told Southend News Network that he regrets not clarifying his choice with the head tattooist of Knuckles and Buckles Tattoo Parlour in Victoria uRoad, Southend.

He said: ‘I went in there last week and asked the guy for ‘that guy from The Jam’ and he looked at me like I was an idiot – I assumed it was because he hadn’t heard of Going Underground and That’s Entertainment.’

‘It only took him about an hour, and when he finished he covered it with a bandage and I went on my way. I took a sneak peek when I got home and my heart sank when I saw that my leg was emblazoned with the Golliwog character from Robinson’s Jam.’

‘I work for a community outreach programme in Hackney in London, and when my boss caught a glimpse of it I was dismissed on the spot as in his words ‘I would get lynched’ – I am now finding it tricky to get new work.’

‘All they keep telling me in the shop is that they gave me exactly what I asked for. Surely he should have double-checked first.’

‘I am consulting lawyers to see if I have a case for prosecution or a private lawsuit.’

We contacted Knuckles and Buckles for a comment, and their manager confirmed that they operate an ‘ask no questions’ policy due to ‘their clientele having a wide range of tastes.’

He added: ‘At least ten requests per week come from preserve enthusiasts who wish to get a permanent tribute to their favourite spreads.’

‘The only one I had to refuse in recent memory was someone who wanted a Nutella inking on their bottom.’

‘Whatever angle we used for the test photos, it looked awful, and the Nutella people would have probably kicked up a stink as well.’

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