At Southend News Network, we have caught a number of ‘big fish’ in the past, but none quite like this!

Yesterday morning, Katie Hopkins was in the middle of her live radio phone-in show on LBC, and her chosen rant of the day was all about the City of London being closed for a large cycling event.

One thing led to another, and all of a sudden she announced to the whole world that the M25 was going to be closed for A WHOLE WEEK in August for the ultimate endurance race – apparently she found this information on the Internet.

It turns out she HAD found the information on the Internet. Her source ….. **drumroll** ….. SOUTHEND NEWS NETWORK!

Back in April, we ran this story about ‘The Orbital Committal’ and it was a popular one. Total bollocks obviously, like everything else we publish, but popular bollocks all the same!

As you can imagine, thousands of visitors then arrived on Southend News Network’s page to try and find out more, and within seconds everyone was giving her some serious grief on Twitter. Verify much?

In the second part of her show, she then announced that she had been ‘taken in’ by our spoof story. Thanks for not mentioning us by name though Katie!

If you want to hear the glorious moment when Katie Hopkins was fooled by Southend News Network LIVE ON AIR, here you go!


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