In a chilling broadcast this afternoon, a spokesperson for ISIS confirmed that the terrorist organisation is claiming full responsibility for Katie Hopkins. 

Broadcast through their affiliate Al-Dayudu YouTube channel, the on-screen announcer said that she ‘is damaging British society in a way that wouldn’t be possible with conventional terror methods.’

He added: ‘It is astonishing that the decadent West hasn’t already figured it out.’

‘We engineered Katie in a Saudi Arabian robotics laboratory and programmed her to communicate whatever has the highest potential to upset the largest proportion of the people.’

‘Could any conventional human really be that much of a twat to that many people at the same time?’

‘There is actually a second ISIS-programmed android in circulation at the moment, but we can’t identify them as they are subject to ongoing legal proceedings.’

The development comes at the same time as the emerging news that so-called Islamic State has also established a recruitment centre in the South Essex town of Southend On Sea.

According to intelligence that has been received by Southend News Network, the local centre has been set up to fill a number of support roles within the organisation.

These include vacancies for beauticians, laundry operatives and catering assistants.