Members of the public have reacted with anger after an online store opened selling HORSE BURKAS and a number of other items of religious clothing aimed at farm animals.

Al-Dobin Farmwear has been trading officially since July 1st 2017, and its founder Owzat Duya told Southend News Network that he was responding to ‘huge demand’ for the clothing.

He said: ‘I have been running a market stall for a number of years selling religious clothing, and since the start of 2017 I have had a number of requests for custom-made items of religious clothing for animals.’

‘The horse burka is my most popular item, but we are very much a multi-faith enterprise.’

‘We get a lot of orders from the Home Counties for Badger Yamulkehs because of the orthodox Jewish woodland communities of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.’

‘A few days ago, we also got a request from a Rastafarian customer who has pet mice for some custom headwear.’

‘We are researching that one before making a proposal.’

Dr Joshua Filch from the University of Purfleet is a world-leading expert in animal faith studies, and he told our Chief Reporter that it is often the norm for pets to conform with their owners’ religious beliefs.

He added: ‘With specialist tins of Halal KiteKat now selling for £6 each, it is big business, but at the same time it is a fundamental human right for domestic animals to respect the religious wishes of their owners.’

‘Last week I had a meeting with the owner of a large chain of aquatics stores to try and come with a workable solution for Sikh-friendly goldfish.’

‘Until now, the micro-turbans on the market have simply not been fit for purpose.’

Rabbi Herschell Merschell posted on Facebook to say that he was ‘concerned’ by the trend.

He added: ‘A number of my congregation own horses, and it would be impossible to find a moyel with the necessary set of skills to make them 100% compliant with Judaism.’

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