3 Best Games Apps for Android Smartphone

Among so many apps for Android smartphones, games make one of the most popular kinds to download so far on Google Play. Many game developers are racing for the best selling position, but the following games get the most downloads and best ratings so far. Check out the name of the games and the whole details on it.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a kind of futuristic game, in which you are in control to protect your society in an underground shelter. Your underground city will be filled with Dwellers one by one over time. Each Dweller will have their own talent and strength, in which you will classify them in the appropriate job they can handle in the shelter. There are several jobs, including explorer, that are aimed to provide enough logistics, protection, and offspring for the future.

This is the mobile spin off of the original version. In 2015, gamers received Fallout 4 for their console. This one is made for mobile purposes featuring excellent details, audio, and visual quality. The challenges change from time to time. They are not too hard to achieve but not too easy too. With in-app purchases, this game is so much fun. You can get in and out as you please. This game is already interesting since the very beginning, which is the very reason why it has a huge army of fans.

Angry Birds 2

The original 2009 version made terrific trend during the time, and you are maybe bored of it now. However, you should give this game a chance. Basically, it featured the same gameplay with new additions, including additional power ups or spells, and order option, in which you can choose the order by yourself. You will feel the fun that makes the game the hottest game several years ago, but you will mostly enjoy the new look. It’s fresh and different, taking the game into a new level.

This game is still a in cartoon style puzzler with physics based gameplay. It is offered free with in-app purchase for the game. The interesting part is that the new version enables you to challenge other Angry Birds player on the web through the online mode. Even though this game was predicted with lower army of fans, reality shows differently. People indeed miss this game, and the new look and features make the most interesting part of it.

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Does Not Commute

This is another game you should try. This is filled with panic but fun. Does Not Commute is basically a controlling game, in which you have the task to control the commuter to get in and out of the town. You need to lead it in several taps to the left and right. Sooner, the second commuter comes and you need to control it too and avoid crash between the two commuters. With cars running around the town, the situation can be really crowded.

This game is simple but you need good touch screen capacity. Bigger screen will not make it better. This is going to be challenging anyway. The design in nice and it appears easy for your eyes too. The game control is pretty simple as well, making it possible to be played by almost anyone. The simplicity of the gameplay attracts so many player. It is offered for free with in-app purchases. This game gets the third place based on the number of active players so far.

Those games make the best games for last year, with biggest download number, biggest users so far, and best rated testimonials. These games still occupy the position until this February, and they may still be there for the whole year. They are indeed worth to download though.

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