Bikers can now enjoy special treatment when using the junction at Kent Elms Corner



With the roadworks and bridge improvements at Kent Elms Corner now well underway, Southend News Network is asking one simple question – is there a trial project to allow motorcycles to proceed and turn right from Bridgewater Drive on to the A127 when the lights are red?

A reporter from the Southend News Network was able to witness the first biker to take advantage of the new arrangements at the junction. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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  1. At first look its the sort of thing you get to expect at this junction Motor Bikes Jumping red lights, or legally weaving through traffic to get to the Bicycle,box at front of queue then sit there revving there silly little two stroke bumble bee cans causing more smoke than a badly adjusted Bus! The sort of action you see from bike couriers who dont give a fig, Then of course this junction is a constant source of stupid driving by car drivers who jump the red filter lights 24/7 , Satire we all need it even more so when built on probable truth. 🙂