Under the school's new policy, school uniform bargains like these will no longer be allowed in class.

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Parents of children who attend Leigh Cliffs Primary Academy in Leigh On Sea have said that they intend to protest against a ‘ridiculous decision’ to ban children from wearing uniform purchased from supermarkets and other discounted shops – parents will now face a combined uniform bill of more than £500 per child. According to the management of the school, the new policy that will force parents to use a single supplier has been put in place for ‘ethical reasons’ so that uniform items are not purchased from a company that produces clothing in ‘sweatshop conditions’ overseas.

Headteacher Dr Juliette Cartell explained: ‘From 1st April 2016, all children will only be permitted to wear uniform that has been purchased from our authorised supplier. We want to be seen as a school that is promoting ethical shopping habits, and we have worked tirelessly with our new partner to ensure that all items are manufactured in safe and humane conditions. They have a factory in Rochford where more than 40% of their products are made, and this is a huge statement that we are prepared to support British industry.’

She added in an email: ‘We chose Cartell Carvup Schoolwear Supplies as they assured us that a balance would be struck between ‘ethical’ and ‘affordable.’ We are delighted to say that school-branded jumpers will be available for £49 each, with the accompanying plain grey trousers priced at £30. Every pair of black Leigh Cliffs shoes (£75) comes with black socks at no extra charge, and they will also offer a PE kit bundle for £150 – this includes customised football, hockey and badminton attire that will really make our school stand out from the crowd.’

We visited the school on Friday to meet the deputy head – Madeleine Cartell agreed to discuss the parents’ concerns with our Chief Reporter. After we handed over a number of emails she said: ‘We are aware that the new uniform policy will lead to a small amount of financial strain for some parents, but at the same time we are teaching all children and parents a vital lesson that cheap clothes can sometimes come at a high human cost. The new policy will proceed as planned from April 1st, and we will keep a close eye on pupils to check for unauthorised items – parents will be given 48 hours to purchase replacement items if anyone is found to be wearing uniform that hasn’t been bought from Cartell Carvup.’





  1. This is a con as I didn’t realise how much Leigh Cliffs Primary Academy were charging for their uniforms.

    All six of our children work at their Rochford factory during the evenings after school and at weekends but are only getting paid £3.75 an hour.

    I’m going to ask the factory to raise their salaries immediately.

    The eldest two (aged 11 and 12) should be getting at least £5/hour.