Are you in support of the junior doctors strike?

Southend health bosses have today confirmed that they are ‘100% behind’ today’s junior doctors strike, as long as nobody decides to get ill within the borough while the strike is in progress.

A spokesperson for the Southend Health Administration Group (SHAG) contacted Southend News Network with the following statement: ‘Contrary to what the junior doctors will have you believing, we support them 100% in their strike. Provided that nobody decides to get ill while the strike action is taking place, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be on the streets and raising awareness of the pressures under which they are working under which.’

He added, ‘In the event that somebody turns up at Southend Hospital A+E with anything more serious than a cracked toenail, we will expect the entire strike to be cancelled with immediate effect.’

However, health bosses have been described as ‘out of touch’ with the junior doctors.