A number of parents have been expressing their anger after a popular kids publisher launched the latest title in their ‘That’s Not My’ series – That’s Not My Willy.

According to the book’s author Nigel Bowener, the book has been designed to help young boys who are just starting to become aware of their own sexual organs – he feels that this is a time of great confusion for them.

He said: ‘When boys are two or three years old, they start to come up with a wide variety of questions about their own penis, and this book is designed to let them know that although these come in many shapes and sizes, every penis is normal.’

‘I have just chosen to use the word ‘willy’ as this seems to be the term that most boys use at that age.’

‘A number of different textures have been used within the book to create the so-called ‘touchy-feely’ elements that have made this series of titles one of the most popular in the world.’

‘I don’t want to give too much away, but the artistic development team have used a form of flannel material to create a very convincing pubic area.’

We asked Nigel if he thought that including religious content within the book was a smart move when they probably have enough questions for their parents already.

He replied: ‘I am 100% convinced that this was the right thing to do. For instance, Jewish and Muslim boys are catered for on the page that says: ‘That’s not my willy, its foreskin is too rolly-uppy.’

These children already feel strange enough when they see uncircumcised penises at school, so this book is empowering them to feel comfortable with what they have got down there.’

A spokesperson for the publisher confirmed that there could be a follow-up if this title is successful, aimed at the female market.

She added that ‘That’s Not My Foofoo’ has been provisionally scheduled for a 2019 release.

However, not all parents are convinced that the book will help their young boys to come to terms with the many different types of penises that can be found in society.

One outraged mum on Mumsnet wrote: ‘This book is disgusting. I was sent a preview copy a few weeks ago, and now my three-year-old keeps running around his nursery asking all of the other boys to take their trousers down.’

The touchy-feely version of ‘That’s Not My Cat’ was fine as there is no harm with walking around and making a fuss of the neighbourhood kitties, but this book could get kids in all sorts of trouble.’