Do you agree with the decision to allow dog walkers in cycle lanes within the borough of Southend?

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On 1st March 2016, a pilot scheme allowing dog walkers to use cycle lanes will begin for a 3-month stint to see if it could be an effective solution to the problem of dog mess on Southend’s pavements. Any dog poo within the cycle lane areas will be collected on a regular basis before being compacted and distributed to local green bin permit holders as a ‘mineral-rich compost.’

Robert Pinch is the chairman of the PoopScoopCycleRecycle initiative, and he feels that it will benefit a wide range of people in the borough. He said: ‘We asked 2500 regular Southend pedestrians if they felt positively about treading in dog mess on pavements, and 99.3% of the responses were ‘no’. Therefore, our working think tank has come up with the idea of allowing dog walkers to use cycle lanes anywhere in the borough as this will allow the canine excrement to be contained within a set area. Specially-adapted vehicles will perform a 24-hour circuit of the town to collect any ground-laying deposits, and these will be directly given out for free to anyone in the borough with a green bin permit – all they need to do is email’

We asked Mr Pinch if the needs of local cyclists were being taken into consideration by the scheme. He said: ‘Cyclists in our town should be able to share their space with dog walkers without any safety issues – most dogs love bikes anyway. Also, any cyclist who encounters a freshly dispatched collection of canine bum nuggets is more than welcome to pick them up and take them home for their own garden to ‘sweeten the deal.’

If the scheme is successful, the first permanent Cycle and Dog Lanes in Southend could be legally designated by the summer.





  1. As a lycra fetishist who uses a bicycle to camouflage the public disport of my deviant behaviour, I must, on a number of grounds, object to Southend’s trial of this scheme.
    Presumably even sweaty, smelly cyclists will detect the odour of canine excrement exuding from their besplattered machines. If, like me, they share their bedrooms with their cycles, this will surely constitute an intolerable impost on health and quality of life, particularly in summer when the trial is due to commence.
    With bike lanes littered with obstacles (animals, their turds, walkers and of course the ‘collection’ machinery), it will be inevitably necessary to adopt a rather more erratic course of navigation with the consequent potential for nasty collisions not only between cyclists and dogs but between the motor vehicles and meandering cyclists.
    Worse yet, this trial is likely not only to become permanent, but achieve global support. Imagine the consequences for Parisian dogs, Dutch cyclists and the like! An outrage! I encourage all right-minded folk to write in the strongest terms to their MEP.

  2. So what they’re saying is that while pedestrians are horrify by the prospect of walking through dog poo, it’s fine for people on bikes to ride through it, potentially spraying themselves in it and exposing themselves to serious health hazards just because selfish dog owners are unable to clean up after their own pets. Nice work Southend.