Chaos at the Dartford Tunnel.

An appeal has been launched to try and find a driver who has managed to rack up more than £25,000 in Dartford Crossing charges – bosses are now appealing to members of the public to help identify the person who is responsible.

It is believed that the motorist has been using the bridge and tunnel nearly every day since the tolls were removed in favour of the current automatic number plate recognition system, but according to a source the individual has been refusing to pay and just carries on travelling both ways regardless.

Our source added: ‘This disgraceful situation has been going on for long enough. This motorist seems to believe that they can just ignore these charges while everyone else has to cough up, and it has been going on for long enough.’

‘We have managed to get some details of the person who is responsible, so now we are calling on members of the public to help us identify the culprit. We are confident that we will find them if enough people share the appeal.’

Please take a look at the appeal here and contact [email protected] if you recognise the individual who is responsible for racking up these charges.

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